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I'm Piper, a Bangkok-born product designer based in Chicago, skilled in strategy, research, UX, and 3D design. I'm completing a dual Master’s degree in Design and MBA at the Illinois Institute of Technology, enhancing my expertise in human-centered design principles. I'm excited to start a full-time role in Fall of 2024.

My design practice began with a Bachelor's in Industrial Design from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, which has shaped my creative and technical approach to design.

My design process combines creativity and strategic thinking, ensuring innovative, practical, and purposeful solutions. This approach allows me to effectively navigate projects, creating impactful and sustainable solutions.


Highlighted Projects 


The research studied the motivations for clothing purchases among Gen Z and Millennials, especially emotional and functional factors, and their contribution to unsustainable fashion.

 Evidence-Based Design + Design Research + UI/UX



Adopt cleaner and healthier eating habits. MOXI brings the natural strength of aqueous ozone, a potent and safe sanitizer, directly to user's home.

Product Design + Design Research 

Wai Wai

An immersive and interactive educational experience designed to deeply engage participants with Hawaiian culture, history, and natural environments.

Design Research + Design Streategy + UI/UX + Communication Design


A compact hydroponic herb garden with an herb-infused oil machine, offering a sustainable way to enhance well-being with personalized, natural solutions at home.

Product Design + Design Research

Furniture Design

As a designer at the heart of my work, I envision a collaborative space where artists and designers converge, branching out with fresh ideas and sharing a multitude of design identities. My passion is deeply rooted in crafting furniture that resonates with individuals who not only appreciate the artistry in each piece but also value the use of natural materials and meticulous craftsmanship.

I design for those who seek more than just temporary fixtures; I aim to create furniture that becomes a lasting element of one's living space. It's my belief that furniture should not be items that are frequently replaced but rather, pieces that evolve alongside you and your home. This perspective guides my approach, ensuring that each creation is imbued with meaning, sustainability, and a personal touch that stands the test of time.


Leadership in Design Industry

Cultivating Future Desing Leaders with Alumni Portfolio Review



Portfolio Review Initiatives, aimed at leveraging the expertise of design leaders from our alumni network to foster the growth of future design leaders currently studying at the Institute of Design.

As the Event Lead, my primary goal was to bridge the gap between the alumni, who are pioneers in various design fields, and our students poised to follow in their footsteps upon graduation. This initiative was designed to facilitate one-on-one portfolio reviews and job interview advice sessions, offering a personalized experience that benefits both students and alumni by fostering meaningful connections and insights.

A glimpse Into My Passion for Baking and My Holistic Perspective on Design


Chicago, IL
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