MOXI brings the natural strength of aqueous ozone, a powerful and safe sanitizer, directly to your home to eliminate pathogens, clear chemicals, and leave no residue


Our Partner

Aquamox, led by a scientist expert in diamond-based electrochemistry, creates compact, eco-friendly products that deliver ozone precisely where and when needed for effective infection prevention


Our Partner - Current Area of Application

Industrial-grade sanitization across multiple environments


Our Partner's Vision


Problem of the Focused Area

Illness due to produce contamination is a serious problem

In 2021, the CDC counted 28 confirmed multistate outbreaks of foodborne illness. These outbreaks can lead to hospitalization or even death

People need to wash their produce to keep safe. Still, thoroughly washing produce is difficult and time consuming

So, people don’t always do it


Research Finding

Dive deeper into the behavior of produce washing and cleaning practices in the kitchen

Customer Segment and Value Proposition 


Design Concepts

Explore various design functionalities

Refining ideas with brainstorming, rapid prototyping, and user testing


Decision Making



Moxi introduces a healthier way to eat at home by harnessing the natural power of aqueous ozone. This effective and safe sanitizer eradicates pathogens, removes chemicals, and leaves no residue, ensuring your food remains pure and safe

Solutions and Purposes

MOXI delivers nature's safest, most potent sanitizer, aqueous ozone, right to your home

Destroys pathogens

Eliminates residual chemicals and fertilizers

Leaves no residue

Compact and Portable

Compatible to containers of various sizes

Moxi Details

MOXI delivers nature's safest, most potent sanitizer, aqueous ozone, right to your home


Inside MOXI and how it works

Moxi's Perfect Container


Moxi can be used with containers of various sizes, just download Moxi app!

Moxi Application

MOXI app assists users in determining the required time for a complete sanitization cycle, considering the container's size and the amount of water used


Market Expectation - Who needs Moxi?

We estimate the serviceable obtainable market to be about 3-5 million early adopter households, roughly equivalent to the number of households currently purchasing and using ineffective vegetable washes


As MOXI gains popularity, we anticipate expanding to 87 million households. This represents the serviceable addressable market, estimated by the number of households that wash their produce regardless of visible dirt


To engage all 121 million American households, Aquamox should leverage MOXI's growing popularity to introduce additional products for various home areas

Our research suggests moving into:

Floor cleaning

Surface Cleaning

Bathroom Cleaning



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