Discover a better way to clean produce

A Leap in Produce Sanitation Technology



Moxi emerges as a solution in the realm of kitchen hygiene. Designed to effortlessly and effectively sanitize vegetables, it integrates advanced aqueous ozone technology with a user-friendly interface, setting new standards in food safety and convenience. 


Leading Innovation and Execution

My journey encompassed extensive user research and collaboration with experts across 8+ industries. My focus was on guiding project and production management, ensuring that Moxi not only met but exceeded user expectations in functionality and design.

 Client: Aquamox



Despite advancement, effectively cleaning produce remains a significant challenge in an age where foodborne illnesses are on the rise.

In 2021 alone, 28 multistate outbreaks were reported by the CDC. The need for better cleaning methods is clear.

The challenge of thoroughly cleaning produce with increasing foodborne illnesses involves several key issues, for example:

- Many consumers are unaware of the proper techniques for cleaning produce or the risks associated with inadequate cleaning.

- Current market solutions, such as vegetable washes, can be ineffective or counterproductive, leaving harmful residues or failing to remove all contaminants.

Addressing these challenges require a solution that demystifies the process of produce cleaning, offering a standardized yet adaptable method that assures safety, efficacy, and convenience.


"I would go completely overboard on washing some of these fruits and vegetables with dish soap"

- Research Participant


In leading the Moxi project, my approach combined innovative problem-solving with effective team management. Key aspects included:

Leveraging the Aquamox ozone technology for enhanced safety and cleaning effectiveness.

Focusing on user convenience, the product was optimized for ease of use, storage, and accessibility.

Guiding the team through user research, creative thinking, and practical approaches to ensure a solution that were efficient and user-friendly.

“Parents with young kids... the things that they drink out of... sippy cups and stuff like that... none of them are easy to clean, and all of them, over time, develop mildew in a way that’s really disturbing.”

- Research Participant


Despite awareness of the risks, many people resort to a quick rinse for produce cleaning, often due to the time-consuming nature of thorough washing.

Additionally, existing vegetable washes may leave harmful residues, further complicating effective sanitization.

There's a strong preference for user-friendly appliances that are easy to use and integrate into daily routines, emphasizing the importance of design simplicity.

We need to develop a product that simplifies the produce cleaning process, offering minimal steps while assuring users of thoroughly sanitized fruits and vegetables.


Moxi stands at the forefront of kitchen technology innovation, redefining food safety and hygiene with its advanced aqueous ozone cleaning. More than a cleaning device, it symbolizes a shift towards healthier, safer eating habits.

This innovation paves the way for new home and commercial sanitation solutions, potentially leading to a diverse range of eco-friendly, health-conscious products.

Moxi's success demonstrates the potential to influence consumer behavior, market trends, and future technological advancements, setting new standards in the industry and inspiring further research and development.


MOXI Product Headshot


MOXI Introduces the Power of Aqueous Ozone, Nature's Safest and Most Potent Sanitizer, Right Into Your Home

Aqueous Ozone (Ozone Dissolved in Water)

- Effectively eliminates disease-causing pathogens.
- Clears away residual chemicals and fertilizers.
- Leaves no residue, reverting to water in 20 minutes or less.
- Already a trusted method in professional kitchens for sanitizing produce and minimizing illness-related liability


Just three simple steps




Attach MOXI to the rim of a container filled with produce and tap water.

Then, simply cover it with the lid and plug MOXI into a power outlet.





Let MOXI work its magic, generating aqueous ozone to thoroughly sanitize your produce.

A red indicator light will signal when it's still in process and not yet ready.




Unplug MOXI once the blue indicator light turns on, signaling your produce is ready.

Then, simply pour out the water through the lid.

The produce is now freshly sanitized and ready to enjoy!

We've ensured not only an easy cleaning process but also a hassle-free experience in changing the cell, designed to be as straightforward as swapping a cassette tape.

Here is an animation of how to change the Aquamox's Diamond Cell

MOXI provides a comprehensive set that includes a durable polycarbonate bowl paired with a custom-designed strainer lid, both of which are designed to integrate seamlessly with the MOXI
Although MOXI comes with an ideal container, its versatile design allows it to function effectively with any suitable material container.
Wide selection of color options for MOXI lets you choose a device that not only matches your personal style but also integrates seamlessly with your existing kitchen tools.